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Therapeutic Approach

My therapeutic work is grounded in humanistic and constructivist theories which means I believe the relationship between the client and the therapist is essential for fostering change and growth; therefore, I strive to create a safe, comfortable environment for my clients. I focus on understanding my client’s worldview and pay particular attention to the client process of meaning making and how a client's lived experience shapes their thoughts, beliefs and feelings. 


Overall, I integrate interventions from a range of therapeutic frameworks. With each approach, I work with clients to identify and highlight their strengths and resources in order to build upon a client's inherent resilience and sense of hope. I believe clients are the experts of their own lives, and possess the strength and ability needed to move past obstacles which hinder growth. It is a privilege for me to witness client's stories. As a witness, I have seen clients develop greater self-awareness, and take steps toward positive change.


Together, we will explore and identify your needs and address your primary concern(s). As we work together we will continue to reflect on the counselling process to ensure we are working towards your goals.

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