Therapeutic Approach


My therapeutic work is grounded in humanistic and constructivist theories which means I believe the relationship between the client and the therapist is essential for fostering change and growth; therefore, I strive to create a safe, comfortable environment for my clients. As well, I focus on understanding my client’s worldview and pay particular attention to the client process of meaning making and how a client's lived experience shapes their thoughts, beliefs and feelings.


Overall, I integrate interventions from a range of therapeutic frameworks; however, I am predominantly influenced by narrative therapy, mindfulness-based, emotion-focused, solution-focused and cognitive-behavioural approaches to treatment. With each approach, I identify and highlight client strengths and resources in order to build upon his or her inherent resilience and sense of hope. I believe clients possess the strength and ability needed to move past obstacles which hinder growth. My goal is to facilitate the client’s development of self-awareness and knowledge of the steps needed to create change. Together we will explore your concerns, identify your goals for therapy and develop a plan for counselling that is respectful of your needs.  

206 - 38142 Cleveland Avenue

Squamish, BC

Tel: 604-848-4477

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