Counselling Services in Squamish, BC
by Registered Psychologist 
Dr. Carla Petker
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Please note that during the restrictions of physical distancing, Dr. Petker is available for online therapy. Please use the contact page to learn more by contacting her directly.

Meet Carla


I have been training and working for over 14 years in a variety of clinical settings working with individuals across the age span. I strive to understand my client’s worldview and the meanings they place on their experiences. I do this through flexibility and cultural sensitivity as well as genuine concern and empathy.

Areas of Practice


  • Individuals (adults and adolescents)

  • Issues include anxiety, stress, depression and life transitions

Therapeutic Approach

I recognize and value the importance of the relationship created between client and therapist. I focus on creating a safe space for clients and collaborating on a treatment plan.

206 - 38142 Cleveland Avenue

Squamish, BC

Tel: 604-848-4477

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